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Michael Ross (Lake Ridge) says...
While having our bathroom remodeled, we found a leak in the roof. The contractor had his roofer look and he determined that an 8x4 section was leaking due to a fallen branch. He gave me a price for replacing an 8x4 plywood section and new shingles but told me they were very busy and could not give me a date to do the work. The remodeling project came to a halt so I started calling roofers and fortunately got hold of Mark Furr. He said they were very busy but he would try to make the time to look at it. He came at 6:00 pm that same day and determined that the problem was actually a skylight. He gave me a price for replacing the skylight, the 8x4 section, and shingles and said they would try to squeeze it in. Two days later his crew showed up, did all of the work, cleaned up, and were gone in 2 hours. Mark's rapid response allowed us to complete the project in a timely fashion. Having experienced his company's performance and his personal service, I can strongly recommend Furr Roofing.:
17th July 2015 1:12pm

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